Moments Away

A breathe of fresh air

The freedom of the sea

Natures song is,

how this feels to me

Missing you,

A little, a lot

Time keeps ticking

For the non existent clock

Moments away

A blink or two

I know, my sweet

I will be back with you


What if I kept your heart?

Sometimes you slip into my daydreams

in unexpected ways…


Today, I opened an email titled “Love you”

And I mourned as I recalled how you poured your life into mine.


I wonder if anyone will ever touch me like you did…

Help me soar to greater heights,

Save me from myself?


Days like today, pain won’t fade away.

I dream of what my life would be

If I had you, me and Maddox Laing




❤ Jessa

Our Song, When you’re Gone

Thank you for the music,

thank you for the song.


The precious memory to always carry around.


When time passes and

our connection is gone,

I can sit here

and hear our song.


In those notes and chorus

I remember my heart feeling porous

as I absorbed every bit of you

and your magic I could fit in a song.


Now I hear it,

picture you singing along

and your memory remains fresh

and beautiful,

even with you long gone.


Thanks for reading!

❤ Jessa


Language Barriers

Why is this how you interact with me?

Do you see me?

Do you even know me?




The kind words that go unspoken

leave my heart longing

for recognition.


It pains me to not hear

what I know you feel.




When you give me things

it’s not the same

as when you spend

time with me.




I see you talking your own language-

keeping the house clean,

cooking dinner for me,

and keeping the cats alive.


I see these things but

they are not deeply felt in my heart.

It’s because my own predisposition to love.



The way you speak to me,

of love and comfort,

of companionship and loyalty,

of trust and faith…

with actions of love,

does not resonate as well

as when spoken in my own language.



But slowly I am learning yours

so I can feel love

and speak to you how you understand.


❤ Glitterfly Jessa

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I did it to myself you see,

I let my darkness grab ahold of me,

pull me under and drown me.


Left with a soggy fucking mess

of pulled hearts and strings.



My addictions to pain and

destruction let loose that day.


Inside of me,

unleashed the beast,

who thinks she is wild

and indestructable but

becomes childlike

and vulnerable.



The drinks take a hold of me,

and flood gate part of my brain

with sensory deprivation

and overload all at once.


The universe expanding

and drowning


inside of me.




❤ Jessa

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