always room to love again

my hearts been broken,

and given away,

too many times to count…

for fear of breaking my own heart again.


the memory of loss,

the nostalgia,

is more painful

than living alone.


the hard part is

the break.

the split.


living is easy

once the wound heals.


the wound starts to heal after day 3,

and by day 7 all I am is bitter and broken.

as time continues,

I shall learn to love again.


the love I give

and the heart I give away

is no longer mine

once I give it away.


I cannot take back my love

and pieces of my heart,

…I don’t even want to,


those used up

stepped on and cracked pieces,

started as a whole

and now are left in parts.


the parts consumed in love

cannot be erased and

cannot be retrained.


Forever they will remain,

with the lovers of my past.


those parts of my heart

will never unlearn to love one,

but shrink and shrivel

to make room for new love.


the new love

comes in like a balloon

inflating my heart

and pushing aside

the doubts and fears

left behind in the shrived pieces.


there is no room for doubt and fear

when love takes over.


Love is all consuming and never to be forgotten,

only pushed aside,

like I once was,

to make room for another love.

Destroyed in Love

Pain in loss,

is not a reflection of how much one loved,

but a reflection of how hard it is to let go

The attached mind,

wishes many things,

fleeting things,

could stay.

The fleeting things,

are those intense

heart thumping,

stomach turning,

butterfly vomit feelings…

Those feelings

that if lasted forever

could destroy us.

but what if it did?

What if by chance,

one finds one,

and the feelings continue to cycle…

would we be destroyed in love?

would it even be so terrible?

I wish to not feel pain,

but to be destroyed in love.

to the traveler…

Love loudly

Love boldly

Love unashamed. 

Fall in love;

with your neighbor,

your best friend,


But whatever you do, fall in love.

Fall in love with the best moments of your life,

the people and timeless treasures in each of them,

experiences of new and old,

adventures in towns unexplored,

smiles that last across generations.

Perfect moments is all we have,

Perfect messy love is all that is.

In the dark mystery of the Suwannee woods,

you revealed your magic

and not directly to me immediatley.

I heard your soft funky chords

around the warmth of a camp fire

and made my way to say hello.

We spoke a sentence or two,

exchanged numbers and said adieu.

Later over the weekend,

by chance we didn’t meet again.

The only way to know what was in your soul

was to take a leap of faith

and meet with you in the ‘real world’.

You came to me,

from your town to mine,

we explored the Buddhist temple

and revealed some of our minds.

When we meditated together

I found a new place with you;

this place some call Nirvana,

and others call it heaven

I call it home.

Relationships like Tongue-Prints

Each relationship we hold in life

is very unique, like a tongue-print


A relationship, like a tongue-print,

is a representation of all that is going on inside.

It brings to light what is enjoyable

and what is tolerable.


A tongue-print will vary,

as each have different grooves and sensitive spots.


Our taste, like our intuition, can let us know

when the things we experience hurt us.

Things that are too hot for us, burn us

Things that are too cold, drive us away


A relationship, like a tongue-print, 

is a product of the past.


The things we experience that have

worked for us in the past,

may not always taste good.

Somethings that were great once,

seem so overbearing…


If we allow and accept our tastes to change as we age and grow,

why not change our relationships as we mature and expand?