What is it to me?


Some call it serendipity,

but to me it’s nothing but make believe.


Nothing in life happens by accident or luck.

It’s the following a good idea that struck;

struck a chord of the heart

or intuition per say

and keeps your energy flowing all day.


Serependipity does not happen to me,

I create the good fortune in my life.


❤ Glitterfly Jessa


to the traveler…

Love loudly

Love boldly

Love unashamed. 

Fall in love;

with your neighbor,

your best friend,


But whatever you do, fall in love.

Fall in love with the best moments of your life,

the people and timeless treasures in each of them,

experiences of new and old,

adventures in towns unexplored,

smiles that last across generations.

Perfect moments is all we have,

Perfect messy love is all that is.

Oath of a Goddess

Im remembering the ways in which you show me you love me
Sometimes it’s so many it’s hard to believe;
I felt it was a sign
when you said I’m The Goddess in your mind–
The Goddess of Growth,
Who found you when you needed it most;
I had never been called a Goddess before
Yet you help me to see it more and more,
With your kind actions and kind words
That daily remind me of my internal worth;
You can read me and my energy
You know when to talk and when to let me be
In those times you let me be
It shows you are really listening to me
Listening to more than just what i say
You hear the words my body says in its own way
You seem to understand the words i leave unsaid
In a way i couldn’t say to make you better comprehend;
You love me in the ways i didn’t know before
You opened my heart with a new-found door
New-found spirituality love thats allows for growth and promise
Promise to do our best to always be honest;
My past relations have not been a lover as you are
You’re my lover who i want to keep near even when I’m far
I want us to travel the world together
Setting off on great and mighty adventures
Let this be my oath to you
Forever and always I will love you