Foreign Thoughts

I just experienced the strangest thought…


not strange, I suppose not.

but it was a foreign thought.




I thought to myself as I wrote down some prose

~maybe I should edit or censor myself



But No. 



then who would I be?



Except an ungenuine poet 

unraveling at the seams. 



❤ Glitterfly Jessa


Furry Apple

Like an apple peeling it’s skin

I remove my fur

My delicate, soft fur


My fur covers my body…

sometimes it makes me feel

bright, beautiful, different, natural

yet sometimes I feel beautiful

with my bruises showing

unmasked by my natural look


Some people like an apple with skin,

others, like it naked

Both are okay


Jewel in the Lotus

Split me open
Fill my cracks with gold
Remind me what its like to feel whole

All my misguided turns opened my eyes to see
Everything has added up to this perfect moment
The moment where nothing is wrong with you and nothing is wrong with me
Everything is exactly as it is meant to be

Ive hid my demons all my life
Faced them alone with childhood might
Now i honor the ways i survived

In turn i receive great strength
In embracing my past
And finding the jewel in the lotus

Align heart and stars

Oh how these nights are long
Waiting for you to return…
Im trying to stay strong
Yet i wonder if my heart will ever learn?

This time around im trying to do things right
I have everything i need in my heart,
A whole lotta will and a little bit of might.
I must show my soul from the start

For every action, theres an equal and opposite
What you put forth, so the universe mirrors back
All my habits made the top of my naughty list
Its time for my consciousness to pick up the slack

Now to align my heart with the stars