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What is it to me?


Some call it serendipity,

but to me it’s nothing but make believe.


Nothing in life happens by accident or luck.

It’s the following a good idea that struck;

struck a chord of the heart

or intuition per say

and keeps your energy flowing all day.


Serependipity does not happen to me,

I create the good fortune in my life.


❤ Glitterfly Jessa

Long Distance… Waiting

Dancing around these waves of space


Patiently waiting


Keeping in pace




In pace with

you heart,

my heart

…. the start



The start of us,

the start of something new



Something grand

… the great unfolding of hands



The new sacred dance


The dance of two


The dance of me and you



And our hearts ever staying true

As we do what we must do

until the moment comes,

when we see our plans through



And we find forever,

for just me and you.


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I don’t want to wait

to take you on a date


and miss my chance

to dance, with you…



Along the stars of the Milky Way,

the lights take us away

to another head space



Here is where

I consummate my lustful whoa’s

as we twirl increasingly slow…



Let the magic

take us over

and constellate,

all the flesh to satiate.




In this deliberate


there is a




A tessellation



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Mountains of you, Oceans of me

The mountains of you

collide into oceans of me.


Under the deep velvet sky,

my heart pours itself

into your valley of a heart.


You absorb me like the desert,

during a downpour and after a drought.

I’ve been thirsting for you

and you’ve thirsted for me too.


Thirsted for my sweet sensations and delicate curves.

I’ve thirsted for your strong power,

that brings me home

with the command of your touch… your kiss.


The mountains of you,

colliding into oceans of me.


All the universe is being created,

as you dance your trees in my breeze.

While the universe inside of me

surrendered to the magic we created in the dark.

Unveiling our light… the beauty in the insane.

Turning moans inside out, bodies cry.


The mountains of you, 

collide into oceans of me

under a star sparkling sky.




Spin, Spin, Your love for me.

The magnitude of a relationship,

should not be measured in decibels.

It should be measured in counts.


In counts of moments,

overcome and achieved.

In counts of hearts,

warmed and stretched thin.

In counts of patience,

consumed over the years.


Gratitude in a relationship is explored

when the faithful stay rooted.


The faithful bundle their hearts together,

to protect from the bitter, cold world.

The faithfully committed use their time

to cover and completely envelop

the hearts of their lovers.


A magician, of time and hearts,

devours the abundance

gifted in a sweet breath,

a loving kiss.


No hollow words,

no hollow hearts.


The devouring of affection,

ends with a caress.

always room to love again

my hearts been broken,

and given away,

too many times to count…

for fear of breaking my own heart again.


the memory of loss,

the nostalgia,

is more painful

than living alone.


the hard part is

the break.

the split.


living is easy

once the wound heals.


the wound starts to heal after day 3,

and by day 7 all I am is bitter and broken.

as time continues,

I shall learn to love again.


the love I give

and the heart I give away

is no longer mine

once I give it away.


I cannot take back my love

and pieces of my heart,

…I don’t even want to,


those used up

stepped on and cracked pieces,

started as a whole

and now are left in parts.


the parts consumed in love

cannot be erased and

cannot be retrained.


Forever they will remain,

with the lovers of my past.


those parts of my heart

will never unlearn to love one,

but shrink and shrivel

to make room for new love.


the new love

comes in like a balloon

inflating my heart

and pushing aside

the doubts and fears

left behind in the shrived pieces.


there is no room for doubt and fear

when love takes over.


Love is all consuming and never to be forgotten,

only pushed aside,

like I once was,

to make room for another love.