Mountains of you, Oceans of me

The mountains of you

collide into oceans of me.


Under the deep velvet sky,

my heart pours itself

into your valley of a heart.


You absorb me like the desert,

during a downpour and after a drought.

I’ve been thirsting for you

and you’ve thirsted for me too.


Thirsted for my sweet sensations and delicate curves.

I’ve thirsted for your strong power,

that brings me home

with the command of your touch… your kiss.


The mountains of you,

colliding into oceans of me.


All the universe is being created,

as you dance your trees in my breeze.

While the universe inside of me

surrendered to the magic we created in the dark.

Unveiling our light… the beauty in the insane.

Turning moans inside out, bodies cry.


The mountains of you, 

collide into oceans of me

under a star sparkling sky.





I Dive In!

I dip my toe in the edge of the water
It breaks the surface
Sends ripples scattered, not uniform
Goosebumps raise along my shin in reaction to the experience
‘Theres something new i feel inside of me,’ said the once still water
‘These waters have been changed if only slightly.’
My heart skips a beat
I pause in wonder to question if i want to continue on
‘The first part is the hardest part,’ i tell myself as i ease my foot and ankle in deeper
‘Now there is no question of the great change in me…’ the water spoke once again
‘A part of you has entered and become a part of me.’
I adjust to the temperature as i feel my toes squish the mud underneath
I step the other foot in with the same cautious action
‘This mud is very different than the solid concrete and grass i am used to,’ i think to myself
‘The differences become comforting the more time i spend with the water.’
I begin to wade deeper into the water
The surface swims at my thighs powered by the movement of my own human suit
It climbs up towards my pelvis and sends chills once again
‘Even having been comfortable around the water, i was not prepared to feel the tingling sensation that intense’
The water sends me warmth and good vibes and reminds me i am wholly invited to join in the celebration of life and love
I Dive In!
Hands in front of head and using my intuition to guide my way into the dark unknown
Next thing i know i am swimming; kicking and splashing and moving and diving under
This experience is so new and grand
Im glad i decided to give it a chance