I did it to myself you see,

I let my darkness grab ahold of me,

pull me under and drown me.


Left with a soggy fucking mess

of pulled hearts and strings.



My addictions to pain and

destruction let loose that day.


Inside of me,

unleashed the beast,

who thinks she is wild

and indestructable but

becomes childlike

and vulnerable.



The drinks take a hold of me,

and flood gate part of my brain

with sensory deprivation

and overload all at once.


The universe expanding

and drowning


inside of me.




❤ Jessa

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Foreign Thoughts

I just experienced the strangest thought…


not strange, I suppose not.

but it was a foreign thought.




I thought to myself as I wrote down some prose

~maybe I should edit or censor myself



But No. 



then who would I be?



Except an ungenuine poet 

unraveling at the seams. 



❤ Glitterfly Jessa



What is it to me?


Some call it serendipity,

but to me it’s nothing but make believe.


Nothing in life happens by accident or luck.

It’s the following a good idea that struck;

struck a chord of the heart

or intuition per say

and keeps your energy flowing all day.


Serependipity does not happen to me,

I create the good fortune in my life.


❤ Glitterfly Jessa

In the dark mystery of the Suwannee woods,

you revealed your magic

and not directly to me immediatley.

I heard your soft funky chords

around the warmth of a camp fire

and made my way to say hello.

We spoke a sentence or two,

exchanged numbers and said adieu.

Later over the weekend,

by chance we didn’t meet again.

The only way to know what was in your soul

was to take a leap of faith

and meet with you in the ‘real world’.

You came to me,

from your town to mine,

we explored the Buddhist temple

and revealed some of our minds.

When we meditated together

I found a new place with you;

this place some call Nirvana,

and others call it heaven

I call it home.


Trying to uncover all parts of me

The dusty, the dirty, the hidden and unseen

Brushing off dust, blowing off dirt

Allowing light to shine in and illuminate the hurt

No longer trying to hide and cover my shame

Done allowing my spirit to play the blame game

Taking responsibility for my past and embracing my future of growth

To love and cherish my soul, always, this i will surrender to most