Spin, Spin, Your love for me.

The magnitude of a relationship,

should not be measured in decibels.

It should be measured in counts.


In counts of moments,

overcome and achieved.

In counts of hearts,

warmed and stretched thin.

In counts of patience,

consumed over the years.


Gratitude in a relationship is explored

when the faithful stay rooted.


The faithful bundle their hearts together,

to protect from the bitter, cold world.

The faithfully committed use their time

to cover and completely envelop

the hearts of their lovers.


A magician, of time and hearts,

devours the abundance

gifted in a sweet breath,

a loving kiss.


No hollow words,

no hollow hearts.


The devouring of affection,

ends with a caress.


Our First Dance

Our first dance took place,

in entirely different forms.

We looked not as we do today,

but our souls have not changed.

I feel your familiar presense

when you look in my eyes

I recognize the colors of your soul.

You pull me in.

Set fire to my heart

you do, I do.

I feel your love,

even from a distance.

This dance is too familiar.

In the dark mystery of the Suwannee woods,

you revealed your magic

and not directly to me immediatley.

I heard your soft funky chords

around the warmth of a camp fire

and made my way to say hello.

We spoke a sentence or two,

exchanged numbers and said adieu.

Later over the weekend,

by chance we didn’t meet again.

The only way to know what was in your soul

was to take a leap of faith

and meet with you in the ‘real world’.

You came to me,

from your town to mine,

we explored the Buddhist temple

and revealed some of our minds.

When we meditated together

I found a new place with you;

this place some call Nirvana,

and others call it heaven

I call it home.