What is it to me?


Some call it serendipity,

but to me it’s nothing but make believe.


Nothing in life happens by accident or luck.

It’s the following a good idea that struck;

struck a chord of the heart

or intuition per say

and keeps your energy flowing all day.


Serependipity does not happen to me,

I create the good fortune in my life.


❤ Glitterfly Jessa


Humanoids in a Sacred Dance

Today you told me about two figures…

Carved out of wood

Doing a dance that seemed of souls

and interwove the two.


I was thinking about us,

says you.

You really were saying

“I remember what its like to be free,

In these moments with you 

My soul is happy. 

I stand in my own but so close to you,

Forming a new bond of its own delight.”

Dear Reader,

Dear Reader,

This is my letter to you,

It’s what you need

after reading my heart

and sharing in my pain

and sharing in my joy

and sharing in my struggle to balance.


Thank you, cannot express the gratitude I feel

You have given me open space to heal

To allow my words to free flow as they might

and in doing so you give my heart flight

I share your struggles as you share mine

We’re all on a different journey, but trying to find

The same better version of ourselves

in each and every one of us

You see it in me,

and I see it in you…

so let’s continue to uplift each other

and to our own path stay true.


Be not strayed away by the judgements of each day,

just keeping releasing what your soul has to say

your life is for you anyway…

so take time to do what is important to you

and allow your heart to shine through.


Uplift your brothers and sisters,

as you see their journey

and may watch them stumble

Help show them their world will not crumble

Their world will not fade and dissolve into pain-

for a new friend can make one feel more sane.

Reach out to those who need help

just for the sake of sharing love

…you will find peace in your heart

and love will come back to you


Peace and Love,

Namaste, from my heart to yours,



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visit my PlantBasedFun Blog where I share

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Gem Hunting

You’re a rare earth gem

Fighting to be appreciated for what you are

And everything youve gone through 

To make you bright like a star

;you long for a rock

That’s gone through pressure and pain,

That knows this journey is more than pure beauty

But achieved when you refuse to stay the same

Angel Up Above

Confused by the pull of my heart

By the pull of my head

By the whirl of my emotions;

I know that when this whole thing had it start

“I’m not sure i’m ready to keep this child” is what i had said

But now i wish i had the opportunity to go through the motions. 

I see big beautiful bellys

And families making memories with love

It leaves me wondering what i really desire. 

I take comfort in knowing what they tell me

I have an angel looking down from above

But that doesnt stop my heart from feeling the fire…

Oath of a Goddess

Im remembering the ways in which you show me you love me
Sometimes it’s so many it’s hard to believe;
I felt it was a sign
when you said I’m The Goddess in your mind–
The Goddess of Growth,
Who found you when you needed it most;
I had never been called a Goddess before
Yet you help me to see it more and more,
With your kind actions and kind words
That daily remind me of my internal worth;
You can read me and my energy
You know when to talk and when to let me be
In those times you let me be
It shows you are really listening to me
Listening to more than just what i say
You hear the words my body says in its own way
You seem to understand the words i leave unsaid
In a way i couldn’t say to make you better comprehend;
You love me in the ways i didn’t know before
You opened my heart with a new-found door
New-found spirituality love thats allows for growth and promise
Promise to do our best to always be honest;
My past relations have not been a lover as you are
You’re my lover who i want to keep near even when I’m far
I want us to travel the world together
Setting off on great and mighty adventures
Let this be my oath to you
Forever and always I will love you