Foreign Thoughts

I just experienced the strangest thought…


not strange, I suppose not.

but it was a foreign thought.




I thought to myself as I wrote down some prose

~maybe I should edit or censor myself



But No. 



then who would I be?



Except an ungenuine poet 

unraveling at the seams. 



❤ Glitterfly Jessa


Free Flow Thoughts- Grow caterpillar, grow

I don’t know where to begin,

feeling lost- uncomfortable in my own skin.

Sitting back and analyzing,

unable to find where I de-railed.



If I can’t find where I de-railed

how can I expect to re-rail?


…but do we have to start where we left off?

is it not possible,

to create and de-rail

at any time-

unbennounced to the world?


There is a hiatus,

a learning curve,

a gap


between what I was

and what I am yet to be.



I am like a fetus in the womb-

the start of something unknown

for many years after their arrival.


No longer an egg,

a sperm,

or an idea

but becoming…

becoming of their own self, 

before knowledge of self.



I am like a larvae in a cocoon…

past the pain of being a caterpillar-

growing past the pains of being alive

and releasing the fears rooted in survival

and giving it up to the universe.


I know I will emerge as I should.



In these moments of lapse,

in this hiatus of time,

something magical is brewing…


on the edge of

what everyone knew me to be,

what they think I will be,

and what I will become.



There is a shift in the tides.





all past,


and future


of the same



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Interesting to see how one comment

One stray thought

Can throw the energetic body out of whack;

Learning to live in my own head

Learning to love in my own head

Owning my happiness

Owning my truth;

To explore the truth of your own emotions

Your own energies…

Is to delve deeper into the mystery of life. 

To breathe life into dark tight spaces,

To shine light into the dusty corners of the mind,

To try to understand what cannot be seen

But can surely be felt. 

Be bold, light warrior, explore on. 

Love is my addiction

Love is my addiction
The very fuel of my creativity–
The trick is being able to listen
To my own hearts symphony;
To be able to find what sings to me most//
Finding what gives me the fiery passion
And never forgetting to keep it close;
Watering it like a plant is a needed daily action–
Embrace the sunshine just like the rain
Feel the roots grow strong and wide;
There isnt happiness without a little pain
Thats how i can judge if ive given it a real try;
Letting the truth of my heart speak to me
Wrap myself in it, let it engulf me fully;
Finding myself with strange feelings a brew–
Strong feelings of an endorphin buzz
Making my head spin like a trippin’ high
Stronger than the Love Simply Did and does
Similarly i feel my soul release and begin to fly
The release is something i want to come back to again and again;
Words cannot do justice to the high i feel from love–
Its like when i finally get these words out of my pen,
And sticking to it when push comes to shove–
The general feeling of following through,
The release into the skin to let the medicine in,
Long and awaited for the embrace from you;
Ive lost where i start and you begin
In the magic i could be lost forever
In this essence i feel your glow
Holding me close to you, together
The sweetest love i feel you show;
Blessed to know this feeling so strong
Taken by left field again
I am reminded of feelings long gone;
My heart has long past started to mend
I cannot define when it all started
I felt the change in the winds only when the gust blew in steaming
And being left with chills after we’ve parted;
This addiction is leaving my soul gleaming
So depart from you i can no longer do
I am wrapped in love, full hearted
This addiction allows me to live everyday through