Mountains of you, Oceans of me

The mountains of you

collide into oceans of me.


Under the deep velvet sky,

my heart pours itself

into your valley of a heart.


You absorb me like the desert,

during a downpour and after a drought.

I’ve been thirsting for you

and you’ve thirsted for me too.


Thirsted for my sweet sensations and delicate curves.

I’ve thirsted for your strong power,

that brings me home

with the command of your touch… your kiss.


The mountains of you,

colliding into oceans of me.


All the universe is being created,

as you dance your trees in my breeze.

While the universe inside of me

surrendered to the magic we created in the dark.

Unveiling our light… the beauty in the insane.

Turning moans inside out, bodies cry.


The mountains of you, 

collide into oceans of me

under a star sparkling sky.





Enjoy The Show

Opening a new chapter in this life of mine
Guided by something that is surely divine
Here it goes, this is the mark
Following my intuition and guided by my heart
Ive said it before… Every end is a new start
Everything you give will come right back around
Everything that was lost can always be found
What is taken is then replaced
Never doubt you’ve been blessed by true grace
The energy you give is matched full fold
So put into the universe your desires and watch them unroll
The universe is magical, trust its flow
Don’t forget to step back and enjoy the show